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Training Center for Children with Learning Disabilities

Opening Doors is a non-profit organization that works with children and young adults with learning and mental disabilities. Based in Kampala, Uganda, Opening Doors aims to help these children discover their own potential through teaching them fundamental skills and valuable life lessons which will enable them to live independently. 

Creating Independence. Destroying Stigma. 

Approximately 2.5 Million children live with a disability in Uganda




Trainee Spotlight

August 6, 2019

We are always excited to share the stories of the students who have come through Opening Doors. Agatha was a student with us and recently transitioned out. She now has returned back to the training center, but this time as an employee helping to cook for the other students at Opening Doors. Agatha has been a beam of positivity and encouragement for not only the students, but everyone at the Center.

Shine Bright

A current project that takes the children through training workshops teaching them how to make candles of all shapes, sizes, and scents which are sold to raise funds to support Opening Doors. 

A current project that teaches the students responsibility by having them raise a chicken. Taking care of an animal also helps them to develop skills essential for taking care of themselves. 


40% of Opening Door's expenses are covered by the sale of candles and other products produced in training workshops. The remaining 60% comes from fundraising efforts. family, friends, and well wishers. Your support helps us to continue the mission to care for and train disabled children.

Please contribute today! 

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