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Opening Doors currently has 25 students who live at the training center full time. Each one has their own unique story and journey at Opening Doors.

AGE: 16


Born 9 June 2001, Joel was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at Rubaga Hospital. His mother heard of the services of Opening Doors and Joel joined us at the age of 4. He began his training in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and later joined the class for reading and writing. He is now recognizing words. His concentration has greatly improved as well. Joel loves music, dancing, and having fun with others. At the moment, he is learning how to look after chickens and collect their eggs.



AGE: 12


The name Babirye means 2nd born of a twin. Unfortunately, her twin passed during their birth and Babirye developed cerebral malaria which damaged her her brain development causing mental retardation.  Babirye was admitted into Opening Doors 3 years ago and has been developing into a free young child ever since. Today she is very stable and open to learning new skills such as clothing herself, feeding herself, toileting, and socializing with others. Babirye enjoys singing, dancing, and watching television. 


More Coming Soon...

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